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About Us

This page provides notes about the clinic, further below, and firstly of Sahar’s personal story of receiving electrolysis treatments and then training to become a practitioner. 

My Story

My Problem …

Twelve years ago I was desperate to remove hair that had developed on my face in the area known as “sideburns”. I opted for the very popular procedure at the time, Laser Hair Removal (LHR) or “Laser”. After four years of monthly Laser Treatment I decided to stop the treatments to see how I was progressing. Sadly I found myself in a much worse situation and Laser had in fact induced the growth to that similar of a man’s beard growth. It started to greatly affect my life. I lost my confidence. I would not come out of the house and I felt like I was going through severe and emotional depression. The doctor that completed the Laser offered unlimited free treatment as compensation for the induced hair growth however I knew that was not a solution.


My Solution …

I had to find a permanent solution to my problem so I consulted a Dermatologist who recommended seeing an “Electrologist”. I took my Dermatologist’s advice and after a consultation with an Electrologist decided to pursue full Electrolysis Treatment as the very much needed solution to my terrible problem. It was the best decision I made. Electrolysis treatment not only eradicated the unwanted hair but helped me regain my self-esteem and live life with confidence again.

Going through the emotional pain of living with visible and unwanted facial hair, the suffering the effects of failed Laser Treatment, and finally solving my problem inspired me to become a Electrologist and to help others who suffer not only the physical characteristic but the debilitating emotional effects of unwanted hair.


My Passion …

Electrolysis has become a passion for me and is a very rewarding job. I have met many clients who suffer from the same low confidence I had due to unwanted hair and given my own experiences and understanding of how they must feel. I always do my utmost to help. Upon completion of treatment, I see them blossom into confident and happy people who are ready to live life again.


The St George Electrolysis Clinic

Our clinic provides highly trained practitioners.

Sahar Omar (AEA) is the owner and practitioner at St George Electrolysis Clinic.

Sahar is a member of the American Electrology Association.

She has attained:

  • Certification in permanent epilation from Maria Parisi Academy.
  • Certificate of completion in Blend from the Electrolysis Research Institute.
  • Intensive personal training from Christine O’Connell (DRE, MIE) who was awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Electrolysis in recognition of her services as an instructor in a training centre and hair removal clinic.

Sahar uses the highest standard of hygiene practises and adheres to the New South Wales Public Health Regulations for skin penetration procedures.

Sahar uses autoclave sterilisation and all used probes are disposed of after each treatment.

St George Electrolysis uses the latest technology and techniques in permanent hair removal.

This will allow Sahar to perform to the highest standards and to achieve the best results for her clients.

The satisfaction of the client is of utmost importance at St George Electrolysis Clinic.