Technique used with body hair is clear and wait. In this case hair was cleared in one appointment (this is called a clearance).Some cases may need more than one appointment to achieve a clearance, depending on how much hair is present.

The client returns in three months to clear hairs that were not present during the first clearance.This is called a second clearance.In most cases 3 or 4 clearances are needed. Treatment time each underarm:25 min

AFTER: 3 Months after first clearance


Client returned 3 months after first treatment to treat these hairs which were not present in the first clearance.

Treatment time each underarm: 9 min


AFTER: 6 Months after first clearance


Client returned 6 months after the first clearance, You can see hair has reduced. Return to see final results in 3 months.

Treatment time each underarm: 4min